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In order to keep your car air conditioning clean and functioning correctly, we advise for it to be serviced every 24 months, this includes changing all filters and thoroughly cleaning the system to ensure the system is running as efficiently as possible.

Nowadays, more than 75 per cent of all vehicles sold come with climate control and air conditioning as standard. For driver and passengers, having air con in the cabin is fantastic during warm summer months, but it does more than just cool you down.


If your air con is not as hot or as cold as it should be, then it may need to be fixed. Some of the common problems that can happen include:

  • A leak in the system
  • The compressor is not functioning correctly or not working
  • An issue with the expansion valve
  • A blockage in the receiver dryer

It is vital to get the system checked by an expert and the fault diagnosed quickly. Before any work is carried out the customer will be informed fully as to the cost of replacement or repair.

Car manufacturers advise that vehicle air con systems are given a full service, at least, every two years. A service would look at changing the receiver drier, recharging the gas, fitting a new pollen filter and applying antibacterial management.


An air con system that is regularly serviced will last as long as the life of your car and makes perfect sense.

Service recommended every 24 months running as efficiently as possible.

The primary aim of a service on your air con system is to get it running at maximum efficiency. An initial vacuum test will be carried out to check for refrigerant gas leaks, and then the refrigerant is renewed. Older vehicles have the old style gas replaced with new environmentally friendly gas.

The recharge process for air conditioning will remove old gas and oil from the system and replace both with the correct level of new lubricant and refrigerant in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. To ensure there are no leaks, a vacuum test is carried out. The recharge is done while the customer waits, and usually takes around one hour. A bacterial clean can also be performed to get rid of any unpleasant odours.

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Air conditioning is an all-year-round luxury that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. It can also demist the windscreen quicker than a standard blower. The system brings a better quality of air inside the cabin as it filters out dust and pollen.

Research has also shown that a car equipped with air conditioning is safer. Being in control of a vehicle with a temperature that is set to the driver’s specifications means that reaction times are faster and more controlled.

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