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Mann Motors are able to stock a variety of clutches for a range of vehicles, including cars and vans. Whether you are in need of clutch repairs or a brand new replacement, our friendly trained team of engineers will always be able to help and advise you further with any questions or queries you may have.

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A vehicles clutch is a complex component and is made up of a number of moving parts. Over time these components can wear out and require replacement or repair. The signs of a faulty clutch are usually obvious and should never be ignored. Typically, a driver may experience sudden jerks whilst smoothly releasing the clutch, high engine rev’s without any increase in speed or power, difficulty in engaging first gear or difficulty in climbing steep hills. In addition, a driver may notice a burning smell, feel severe vibration or hear noises that quite simply don’t sound right.

A clutch replacement is not a trivial undertaking and so it’s important that the work is carried out responsibly and professionally by a trained technician. Many experts agree that since a clutch is a system of an inter-working component, if any major element is replaced then certain others should be likewise replaced at the same time.

A clutch replacement would normally include the clutch disc, release bearing, pressure plate assembly and any fixtures or fittings. For any help or advice, please feel free to contact us, where our team will be more than happy to help you further.

For less serious problems it may only be necessary to repair the vehicles clutch. A worn or damaged flywheel can be resurfaced and individual components such as the master and slave cylinders found in hydraulic linkage systems can be replaced.

Due to the work involved in accessing a clutch assembly it is often advised to replace certain components irrespective of their condition to reduce the chance of problems later on. Here at Mann Motors, our free quotation service will allow us to assess your specific problem and make any recommendations to find a cost effective solution.

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Here to help you

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With the team at Mann Motors you are sure to find all you require, as we are specialists and provide an extensive selection of garage services. Whether you’re looking for an MOT test, brake repairs or a service, we are the experts to help you.

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Just got my car back from Mann Motors,been using them for 3 plus years now. They are friendly and I can use the loan car. Highly recommend. Jackie Burke
Great service as always from the team at Mann Motors. Always go the extra mile on customer service. Keep up the good work guys! Martin Clay