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Habitation Servicing

For caravans and motorhomes.

What is a Habitation Service?

Still relatively new in the caravanning and motorhome world, habitation servicing aims to do for the living quarters of your vehicle what has long been provided for the mechanical side. So many of the daily necessities of caravan life can get neglected and the seasonal nature of our pastime means it’s easy for a rig to go downhill over Winter without being spotted. Aside from potentially lethal issues with electricity or gas , there are areas that won’t harm you- but could really damage your vehicle. We all dread the expensive creep of damp through our vans; once it gets into the walls it gets harder to eliminate. Habitation servicing can pick it up early, while it’s easier to treat. Currently there is no legal imperative for habitation servicing, though many warranties make a habitation certificate a condition of their terms.

Ensuring your vehicle meets

Health & safety standards

Gas pressure


Annual habitation check

for caravans & motorhomes
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So, what's included in habitation servicing for caravan or motorhomes?

Well, there are the obvious safety related areas around gas and electric installations. Especially if you tend to use EHU on your travels you really want to ensure that your electric systems are safely functional. The dangers of faulty gas are all too evident, and with the increasing quality of insulation and water-tightness in modern vans ventilation has become a far more crucial question- deaths from carbon monoxide are rising year on year in the camping and caravanning community.

A habitation service will check your carbon monoxide detector as well as fire blankets and extinguishers. Moving away from safety issues habitation servicing for caravans and motorhomes will include a damp test , checks on the water system ,and bodywork checks- this would include add-ons such as cycle racks and satellite systems in addition to the basic bodywork. You’ll be provided with a certificate after completion outlining any areas needing further work.


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Alongside the quality of our team, all of the work we undertake will be of an equally high quality, should you require can offer a free courtesy car upon request.

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