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The gearbox of a vehicle ensures that the engine and tyres can turn at different rates to each other, in order to provide the appropriate level or torque, or drive, for the vehicle to negotiate different terrains at varying speeds. Most of the time we don’t really think too much about the gearbox on our car, changing gear pretty much intuitively as we drive on the roads. Automatic gearboxes require even less thought, as they should choose the correct gear for the drive without any necessary intervention from the driver.

Many cars will never need a gearbox replacement, as often a gearbox will last for the lifetime of the vehicle. This is not always the case though, with factors such as temperature and the type of driving done in the car, affecting the longevity of a gearbox. It is often problems with other parts of the car than can cause knock on effects leading to the eventual need for a gearbox replacement. Replacing a gearbox is a major task taking up many skilled hours, adding to the cost of the actual part itself. The difference made by a new gearbox is huge though, so if it does need doing then don’t delay or else you may find the car is beyond repair.

Problems with gearboxes often arise due to issues with the bearings. This can cause the gearbox to whine or rumble. If you’ve noticed a different noise coming from your car, then it is always a good idea to take it into the garage to get a mechanic to listen to it. They might well be able to sort out your problem relatively quickly and cheaply, if they catch it early on, and save you the higher cost of replacing the gearbox, if the problem has gone on for too long.

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One of the keys to keeping your gearbox working for as long as possible is regular lubrication. This is something that will be checked and topped up when your car is serviced, meaning that money spent on servicing can save you longer term by helping to extend the useful period of your gearbox.

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