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Your exhaust is monitored to provide the right balance and mixture of fuel and air so if this mix is not balanced then your car will not be running efficiently and will have a large impact on you fuel efficiency.

Exhaust Repairs

Exhaust repairs take many forms and for different reasons. Whilst it may look like an inconsequential piece of dirty equipment, the vehicle exhaust mixes air and fuel correctly, and ensures that waste fumes are discharged safely and not back into the car. That’s why when a car goes over a bump and gets a crack in the exhaust pipe or box, whilst it might not sound like the end of the world, it is actually a potentially very major problem which requires attention. Similarly, on older vehicles, corrosion happens over time and many people will simply continue to drive with a broken tail pipe or silencer box. It might not be a complete exhaust break, and could be small, easily repaired damage, but this can not only make the car a smoke machine on wheels; it can actually damage the workings of the car in general and make the vehicle fall foul of emission regulations.

If you are concerned about the quality of your exhaust or you think you may require a new system, pop by so that we can help and advise you further.

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Replacement Exhausts

The good news is that an exhaust system is actually a very simple piece of kit, although it does require professional installation wherever possible. There are a wealth of repair options for a broken exhaust and they needn’t require a full replacement.

For a small crack or ding in the exhaust, there is the facility to seal the offending hole without taking the whole system apart. For a larger split in the tail pipe, it’s perfectly possible to often cut the pipe away at the split and clamp a replacement piece on. This can be in and out within as little as an hour. For a full exhaust repair job, an entire system is generally available at most mechanics within the same day, if not already held on site for most major models of car. Whatever the problem, it’s important to not write off an exhaust fault as a minor issue.


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