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Many of the questions we are commonly asked by our customers revolve around the MOT. This is particularly true for motorhome owners, as guidance on MOTs and servicing for motorhomes tends to be less readily available than for car or van owners. By law, any vehicle registered to the DVLA must have an MOT, including campers and motorhomes of all sizes. Motor caravans and re-registered campervan conversions will need a class IV test (provided they weigh between 3,000kg and 3,500kg). In the article below we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the motorhome MOT.

Just like any other vehicle, your motorhome will need an MOT to be carried out annually once it reaches the age of three, in order to ensure it stays safe and roadworthy. As well being required by law, an MOT is particularly important due to the considerable amount of time most motorhomes spend sitting still when compared with other vehicles. These periods of inactivity can lead to issues with the brakes and tyres if the motorhome is not properly checked and maintained.

Motorhomes are tested in much the same way as a car or van. These comprehensive checks will include the opening and closing of the doors, the condition, tread and pressure of the tyres and the security of the seats and seatbelts. In addition, the windscreen, lights, bodywork, brakes, steering, fluids, windscreen, registration plate, fuel and horn will all be checked thoroughly for both safety and functionality.

Here are Mann Motors, we have specialised in carrying out MOTs and servicing for motorhomes and camper vans for many years. We give all our customers the option to wait whilst their MOT is completed and even offer a free retest within ten working days if your motorhome fails the first time round. We promise to take great care of your pride and joy and look forward to welcoming you for your next MOT!

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Just got my car back from Mann Motors,been using them for 3 plus years now. They are friendly and I can use the loan car. Highly recommend. Jackie Burke
Great service as always from the team at Mann Motors. Always go the extra mile on customer service. Keep up the good work guys! Martin Clay
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